Sunday, May 1, 2011

Months later...

Well that's the longest I've gone without posting in a while.

Right now we're still living with Caleb's parents. My certification process has been going as planned. I took my tests, passed and then had my interview. I have been recommended for certification and am now just waiting for the state board meeting for official approval.

I'm excited to get started as an official librarian, it is still pretty surreal that I even have my master's.

As for Nathan, he is an absolute joy. He is 20 months old now and is just that happiest, giggly little kid I've ever seen. Of course, he does have his moments...he is almost two after all, but most of the time he's happy and gets comments on how good he is.

His talking is just starting to emerge. While he's been saying words off and on since he was a year old, he hasn't really "talked" like a lot of kids his age. I would say he's a late talker but that it is starting to really pick up lately. What he says is sometimes difficult to understand however, and at times only momma and daddy know that "ah-ca!" is "bad cat!".

He loves to read books and has a few favorite shows. The Backyardigans, Thomas and most recently, (as in today) he has decided he really likes Dragon Tales.

Easter was a treat. Nathan did really well dying eggs (no major mishaps involving the dye) and caught on really quickly with the whole "egg hunt". He had a blast and is still carting his plastic eggs and basket around the house.

Next month he's going to be in my sister's wedding in Colorado. I'm very excited for the whole thing. It's over Memorial Day weekend and we'll be taking off work for a few days so we can drive out there. Hopefully he'll do well during the actual ceremony, but even if he has a meltdown, he'll look very dapper while he does!

I'll try to get back into a routine of some sort when it comes to blogging. There is no real reason I stopped other than we're just in a different environment and Caleb and I are sharing the laptop since our desktop is packed away. I'm so ready to stop living out of boxes!

 I'll leave you with some recent pictures:

Getting read to dye Easter Eggs

Giving me a solemn look (that looks more mad than anything) while hunting
 for eggs on a rainy Easter morning.

Showing off his Easter best! (Momma did a bad job
 getting pictures of our Easter outfits)

Enjoying our trip to Stillwater to have lunch with Granna

With Momma & Daddy!

Showing off his artistic skills