Friday, August 31, 2012

Tomorrow is September! I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has flown by. Seems like just a couple months ago I was finding out we were expecting again. Amazing.

Today I'm officially term, 37 weeks. With Nathan I knew he wouldn't come early and in fact I was induced at 40 weeks. This time around I have a feeling she'll be early. Not sure how early, but definitely early. At my most recent doctor's appointment this past Wednesday I found out that I'm already 3cm and highly effaced. Because she's a second baby my doctor said she could come at any time.

I'm a little shocked to think she might come this early since I wasn't thinking 37 weeks, but I guess you never know! Of course I could still walk around for the next couple weeks with no change, but 3cm is when the time comes I only have 7 more to go!

To give perspective, I was only 2.5 cm with Nathan when I went into the hospital the morning I was induced at 40 weeks. So that's a pretty big difference especially for this early.

We'll see folks, stay tuned for our little September baby! 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Museum Fun

Caleb happened to have the day off today so we went out for one last family hurrah before I start work again next week.

We took Nathan to the Oklahoma Science Museum (formerly known as the Omniplex). It was the obvious choice for three reasons:

1. We'd never been there before.
2. Kids under 4 are free
3. It was 103 out today.

So we finally got ourselves out of the house around eleven and decided to stop by Chic-fil-a for lunch and let Nathan play. We usually go through the drive-thru and the poor kid never gets to play on the playground so we thought it'd be nice to actually let him do it this time.

After that we headed to the museum which apparently was redone in the last few years. It felt to us that the new version was modeled off of our favorite Chicago museum: The Museum of Science and Industry. While it wasn't nearly as big, it had very similar exhibits and was set up a lot like it.

Of course I forgot to bring my camera so I have no pictures to share with you, but for kicks and giggles I'll throw in a few pictures from when we went to the Museum of Science in Industry this past March. Oh my I miss Chicago!


I picked pictures of exhibits that they had at the Oklahoma Science Museum too ... so basically, I didn't need to take pics! :)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

New name, new year, new baby...

It's been a while as I always say. Over a year since my last update and a lot has changed.

We are now expecting our second little one in 7 short weeks! Madelyn Claire is due at the end of September and this time around I'm planning a med-free birth. I had a great experience with Nathan (you can read about that here) but really feel the need to try it this way now. 

Speaking of Nathan, my sweet, amazing little man is turning THREE in a few short weeks! Where on earth did the time go? He is even getting ready to start school for the first time (preschool/MDO program) and while it's only two days a week for a couple hours, it's still a big deal. I'm very excited for him and it will give Caleb a tiny bit of a break during the day when he has both kiddos. 

I am still working in the school library. I ended up in a different district than I originally thought I'd be but I know this is where God intended and I have a great commute & actually work at the school Nathan and Madelyn will attend when we reach that point. For Nathan it'll be this time next year! 

I am getting ready to start school again for the fall. A little over a week of freedom left, we have had a great summer even though it flew by. Right after school got out we headed out to Georgia and Colorado for some family time with my side and then have spent the rest of the time around OKC. Potty training has been a big thing we've worked on this summer and we have also tried to get out and do some things once or twice a week so we're not totally stuck in the house. We worked on Madelyn's room and got a lot of organization done in that regard as well as had a huge garage sale to get rid of some of our boy clothes and what-not. 

I'm hoping I'll be able to keep myself in the mode of updating. I'm working a part-time job as well as my school job however and it requires a lot of the little free time I have after school and family life. We'll see. I make no promises :P