Sunday, November 25, 2012

Living like no one else... one day we can LIVE like no one else.

Some of you might know that I'm quoting Dave Ramsey here. His mantra throughout his classes is that you have to live minimal so one day you have the money to live they way we'd all like to. It's not about greed though, quite the opposite, it's about having the money to be able to give freely and how if Christians managed their money the way God wants us too, this world would be a different place. We could all afford to give in a way we can now only dream of.

Caleb and I have been taking Financial Peace University for the last couple months, we are actually down to our last two weeks. Currently we are on Baby Step #2 which is paying off all of our debt. He gives you a list of baby steps to help build your financial future. I'm praying that we can really stick to this and I'm hoping I'll be able to use this blog as a way to document our journey from where we currently are (lots of debt and living paycheck to paycheck) to a place of financial peace.

With two young children I'm really hoping that we can gain this peace quickly. Unfortunately Caleb is in between jobs right now and our zero-based budget that Dave asks you to do every month is a shear impossibility as long as this is the case. We are are hundreds of dollars short when it comes to our income and necessary expenses (bills, food, gas, etc.) .... I'm praying that the perfect job will come along quickly. I'm trying not to worry about it but it is a little difficult not to when you have bills to pay and no money left in the bank only days after pay day.

So at the moment we're working on trying to live on less ... a lot less. If anyone reads this blog and has tips for doing so, please comment! I'm trying anything and everything at this point and even after Caleb finds work I plan on "living like no one else" just as Dave suggests so we can quickly get Baby Step #2 taken care off (at least as far as credit cards and our car loan go....sadly our student loans will be years down the road) and start building a safety net for our little family.