Friday, November 19, 2010


Not really sure what my excuse is this time, I guess I've just been wasting my free time doing other things besides blogging. I certainly haven't been doing anything super important. Things have been going along normally here. Work, Class, etc.

I have managed to pack a little more but I there is still so much to do. Right now I'm mainly concerned with Caleb's stuff. I'm not so sure it's going to be packed in time. Despite being home w/ Nathan all day he tends to not be the most motivated when it comes to things he doesn't enjoy. Packing ranks high on that list.

I guess I should plan my posts out a little better. My mind is blank and I know I have more to say. It seems so daunting though this evening. I'm tired and I just want to read my book. I guess I'll be wrapping it up here. Wish I could pull it together and write something worth reading!

Guess what? 31 days left...where did the time go?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

57 days...

I guess I'll never be a "real" blogger. I hardly ever get into a groove and post every day. It's been a while, as usual.

Since my last post Nathan's walking has really taken off. He took his first step that weekend we were in Michigan and quickly progressed to walking around the room. Now he pretty much walks everywhere unless he wants to get somewhere really quickly, then he crawls. It is amazing to me that our little baby is walking! Where did the time go?

Speaking of where did the time go. We have 57 days left until we leave Chicago. While I'm still incredibly excited and happy to move back, I am starting to miss Chicago already. Now all I really have to do is drive somewhere and that goes away, ;0) but when I think about leaving my job, the city and everyone here, I get a bit sad. I just hope we can come visit every once in a while.

So far I've applied for four jobs and have yet to hear back either way from any of them. I hate looking for a job - it's so frustrating. I do realize it is still pretty early to be looking, but I do like it when places let you know you aren't being considered. It allows me to officially cross them off the list rather than sit around wondering and waiting.

To add to the 57 day countdown, I have so much to do before we move. We are going to have to buy more boxes I think. Although we kept 90% of what we had when we moved across town, it isn't enough to get us all packed before Caleb's parents get here on December 20th. We need to be COMPLETELY packed so we can just load, clean and go.

We also have to get rid of the cats. We can't have them at Caleb's parents and I don't know anyone who wants to foster three cats. Not sure exactly what we're going to do but hopefully I can find someone we know to take them, even if we have to split them up. I feel bad because we've had them since they were kittens and Nathan loves them.

Anyway, I need to go. A little mister keeps trying to steal my glasses right off my face as I type this! I need to create a distraction.

Friday, October 8, 2010

To the one I lost,

Two years ago today I found out you were no longer with me. Two years ago today I experienced the worst day of my life so far. My world came crashing in. Even though I really think I knew it was going to happen, it didn't hurt any less. It wasn't any less of a blow.

I remember sitting in the bathroom after the ultrasound, staring at my feet thinking "This can't be real, this can't be happening".... "This isn't me"... but it was. Over the next few days I went through the physical aspects of my miscarriage, but October 8th, 2008 was the day I really lost you and everything I had been dreaming of. It was the day I lost my innocence. No other pregnancy will ever be carefree for me. I know now that it can happen to anyone. It happened to me.

HOWEVER, my sweet little one...if I had not lost you I would not have your brother with me now. Does that mean you were supposed to leave me? Maybe, maybe because I can't imagine my life without Nathan. Yet, maybe you never did leave. Perhaps you came back and are actually asleep in your room right now. Maybe God gave you back to me. Maybe you are Nathaniel Louis. I won't know until I leave this earth I guess.

Either way, you will always be a part of who I am. Every year I will take time to stop and remember you - the one I lost. 

Saturday, October 2, 2010


A while ago Caleb and I decided that we were actually going to go on a fall weekend this year. We had decided we wanted to do this before our plans turned upside down and found out we were moving back to Oklahoma this year, but since that decision we realized we really HAD to do it this year, or else it was never going to happen.  So about a month ago we made the hotel reservations and I put my personal day request in at work and despite not having very much cash, we did it.

So this weekend we're in Traverse City, Michigan enjoying the fall. We are here until tomorrow morning and we really haven't done a ton, but we've driven around to enjoy the fall foliage and had a couple meals at local restaurants ... making it a nice little trip.

I will say that we had pretty bad luck as far as which hotel room we got. The people next door to us are AWESOME...and I say that with all of the sarcasm I can muster. I knew the walls were thin yesterday evening when the kids started shouting about something, but I tried to ignore it and we left for dinner shortly after. When we returned all was quiet. I foolishly hoped they were already in bed. Oh no, they came storming in at 2:45 in the morning. With 4 or so little kids. What they were doing out with children until 3 in the morning, I have no idea but they were loud and obnoxious for 30 or 40 minutes. We didn't complain to the front desk or anything because now that we have a child I know that you have to be a bit lenient but these parents were horrible. I'm chalking up the situation to a lesson in what NOT to do if I ever have all of my children up late in a hotel room. The lady kept yelling at them to get in bed, but never once did she tell them why they needed to be quiet or anything. Also, anytime the kids seemed to actually be settling down, the adults would start talking or the other family members from another room stopped by. It was absolutely ridiculous. Not to mention incredibly rude. Then this afternoon we get back from lunch to rest and we suddenly smell cigarette smoke. This is a smoke free hotel and I could tell it was coming from their room. This time I did tell the front desk because our room wreaked.

Anyway, we're having fun...minus the annoying hotel neighbors. Here are some pics:

Saturday, September 25, 2010

13mo. , laundry & boxes...

Today started with Nathan standing on his own! We started clapping and he just stared at us with a huge grin on his face before sitting back down and clapping for himself. Haha. I love my child! (He's 13mos. old today by the way)

Most of our day was spent doing a lot of random little things around the house. Caleb had to work so Nathan and I went just hung out. I finished six loads of laundry (well, they are still laying at the foot of our bed, to be put away tomorrow), the cat boxes, thank you notes from Nathan's party and even packed a few boxes. I know we're not moving until mid-December but I figure a head start never hurt anyone. I've started with things that I know we wont need over the next three months. All of my books, pictures, trinkets are things that I can live without for a while so away they go!

Our goal is to be COMPLETELY packed by the last minute packing this time around. Just load the truck & clean. That will take long enough as it is, we don't need the added stress of packing onto that. I figure we'll pack suitcases two weeks ahead of time and live out of those so we can pack everything else. Just pretend we're on vacation.

I know I mentioned it in my post when I announced our move, but I am so ready to get back to Oklahoma. It's funny, I never thought I would want to live there long. I thought, maybe one day when I retire, but I definitely wanted to live somewhere else. Now though, I miss it ... I miss it a lot. I think the only other place I would want to live is Colorado, which I miss just as much. However, it costs a lot to live in Colorado. We can get so much more for our money in Oklahoma.

Ahhh! I know these next three months will fly by, but right now it can't get here quick enough.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Nine years ago today I was sitting in my play production class as my favorite teacher tried to explain to a bunch of teenagers that our whole world had just changed drastically.

A period later I sat in my eleventh grade english class and watched the towers fall on a spare TV that they'd managed to find and wheel into the room.

I didn't know anyone there at the towers, but found out that my best friend's aunt who worked in the pentagon at the time had gone out to get something in her car...just as the plane flew overhead and crashed into the pentagon. That is probably the closest person I know who was directly affected by this tragedy...but of course it was also an event that affected the world. Whether or not you knew an individual who was there.

It's hard to believe that it has been nine years and next year will mark the 10th anniversary of it all. Wow.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kick off...

Alright so a lot has been going on here in our little Chicago hideaway the last couple weeks. I've started work again, Nathan had his first birthday party and we have made a very big life decision:


In December that is.  We knew we were going to be moving back to Oklahoma after I got my IL teaching certificate and that I would just transfer the certification once we moved back. The decision to move earlier than that came after a lot of thought over what we were going to do during my student teaching here in Illinois. To complete my 10 weeks of student teaching I would have to take an unpaid leave of absence from my job. Not only that, but I would not be covered by health insurance those entire ten weeks unless we wanted to pay for COBRA. We can't afford that.

So, we discussed a variety of possibilities, including Nathan and Caleb moving down in December while I stay with a friend here in Chicago and get it done. That was not an idea that we wanted to go with. Being away from my 18 month old for 10 weeks? I couldn't do that. It wasn't until Caleb suggested I look into the alternative teaching program in Oklahoma that we started to come to this decision.

I looked it up and it is a very quick process if you have a Master's Degree, and although I'll have to retake two of the tests I already took here in Illinois, I could have my certification quicker than I would my Illinois certificate if we stayed.

That's the basis of our decision. We will be leaving Chicago on the 22nd of December and moving to Bartlesville. Right now we're going to be moving in with Caleb's parents to save money and get situated. Once we both have jobs and get a little money saved up we'll probably move into an apartment until we can afford a house. I'm really hoping the house issue will be something we'll get to look at in the next year or two. you can see a lot has been happening here with us. A big decision we thought was a year in the future is now only 4 months away. Crazy. I'm very happy to be moving back, I will miss Chicago (well except for driving) but I love Oklahoma and I know this is the best thing for us as a family.

In other football starts today: GO POKES!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Nathan, I can't believe how much you've grown. I can't believe that one year ago today I got to meet you for the first time.

You're beautiful and continue to amaze me every day.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Make this week last forever...

This time next week I'll be back at work. While I do enjoy my job, I like being a mommy more. Even though we don't do much around here in the mornings, it is still just awesome to get to stay home and enjoy being with him. Feeding him breakfast, chasing him around the apartment. It's just a wonderful and sad feeling knowing that you are watching such a quick part of his life. When I'm at work I won't even get that.

Something that is really getting to me about going back to work is my schedule. Last year I worked until 4:15. I guess I should be thrilled that I get off that early, but the year before I got off at 3:15 - the year I didn't have a child. The only reason it bothers me so much is because of Nathan's schedule. Even more so this year now that he's going to bed earlier. By the time I will get home from work it will be ten till 5. I'll have to immediately start dinner and then the next hour and half will zip 6:30 it's bath time and by 7pm my little man is in bed. Meaning, that five days out of the week, I'll have two hours (and ten or so minutes) a day with him. How is that fair? How is that possible? I'm starting to cry just thinking about it.

I never wanted to be a working mom. Ever since I was little I wanted to be a SAHM, but life just won't allow that right now and it's killing me. Thankfully I have a job I enjoy, if I didn't it would be so much worse.

Ugh, I have to tell you I'm very close to just saying forget the teaching degree. I'll graduate in December with my masters, we'll move back in Jan. and Caleb can hopefully start working for his uncles. Then, I can get a part-time job at a public or academic library. No more full-time job, no more Chicago... just family. First and foremost.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cleaning...what's that?

I've never been the best at keeping a clean house. I love it when I am able to, but most of the time I just can't get myself to get up and do it. Every once in a while I'll manage to get moving and get the kitchen mopped and the apartment vacuumed but a lot of the time it's a very surface clean. I don't deep clean very often.

My goal this summer was to deep clean our place. Funny enough, it hasn't happened yet (surprise). Today I did manage to do a large scale cleaning of the floors in the main room (including the kitchen), the bathroom and our bedroom. I find hardwood to be a huge pain despite how nice it looks. I wish I could just vacuum and be done with it.

Anyway, I did manage to get a bit done today. I still want to vacuum the carpets here a in a few, probably after I'm done posting this I'll get to it. I just needed a little bit of a break after all that sweeping and mopping. I also surface cleaned the fridge...which is saying something for me. I'm horrible at getting motivated to clean the fridge, even a surface cleaning.

Well, I don't really know where I was going with this post other than that I am probably the worst at keeping house. I have to confess though that I think my less than spotless house has been key to Nathan not having more than a slight cold all year as well as not having any allergies. I realize the whole allergy thing is still mostly unknown and a bit controversial, but I do personally believe the cat hair tumbleweeds have actually helped him.


Besides my rare attempt at cleaning, the only thing going on here is us just getting ready for me to go back to work and Nathan turning one. He's still not walking, but I think he will be very soon. If not before his birthday (which is less than two weeks away! GULP) then soon afterward. Two days ago he finally decided he "understood" how to use his little walker thing. It looks like he's pushing a shopping cart around. It's so cute! I've been trying to get him to try it out for weeks now and I'm pretty sure we tried it three days ago and he refused to have anything to do with it. Then, the next day...voila! Silly boy.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Feeling Old

I realize I'm not old ... I'm only 25, but after you have a child you start to realize you aren't really "young" anymore, no matter what age you are.

I don't regret having a child, I'm so so so glad we had Nathan when we did and I'd do it again in a heartbeat, in fact I'd like to have all of our children before I hit 30 - but every once in a while I realize I am no longer "young"...I am a full blown adult.

What has caused me to pause and think about this even more than usual is that I happened upon a picture of myself in my dorm room the day I moved in, my freshman year of college. How is it that that doesn't seem all that long ago? It was in fact, 7 years ago next week...what the heck!? SEVEN years!?

Why does time do that to you? When I was a kid, seven years was an eon, but now that I'm an adult and have had the same "mental awareness" for a while, the years just fly by. It's hard to realize that it has truly been that long because my memories of it are all so intact. As a kid your memories seem to get jumbled.

I've also been feeling old because I don't feel like I'm as pretty as I used to be. Oh yes, pity party for me but I just feel like I constantly look tired. I've always had dark circles under my eyes, but ever since I started working full-time and now adding Nathan and his horrible sleep habits on to my plate, they're so much worse. I feel like I'm never going to look refreshed and beautiful ever again. That is a bit depressing considering I am only 25 ... not 75.

Anyway, that's my pity post for the year. Certainly not an "update on our growing family" as the tag line of my blog suggests, but definitely what has been on my mind the last few days.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sentimental Saturday

Did I mention I have baby fever? And that it has to do with my little man turning one? Ha, well if you didn't grasp that from my last blog post - I have it bad.

Yesterday I put together a slide show for Nathan's birthday on PhotoStory. It took me a lot longer than I was anticipating because I had trouble with the format and getting it uploaded. I did finally get it online and I keep wanting to watch it. Over and over. I'm a bit obsessed. Seeing Nathan's newborn pictures just floor me. I can't believe he was ever that small, especially less than a year ago.

It just makes me marvel that at one time he was nothing but a dream, a thought. That our second child is nothing but a dream at the moment, but one day he or she will be as real as Nathan. Amazing.

Anyway, I'm feeling sentimental so for your viewing pleasure:

And if for some reason this doesn't work for you, here's the YouTube link:

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Baby Fever .. again.

So as Nathan gets ready to turn one I've discovered that I have baby fever again. Last time I attempted to placate it with getting a third cat - HUGE mistake. Now, I don't know what to do other than suffer through for a few more months.

This past spring we decided we'd TTC again in April or May of 2011 and it didn't seem that far away. Now it feels like forever (even though I know it isn't).

There are a few reasons we can't get pregnant now. One being my student teaching is coming up in the spring and perhaps we could figure it out schedule-wise, but it would be difficult. Secondly my sister's wedding is at the end of May and I have already been told she'd kill me if I got pregnant and missed it do to having the baby or being over the 30 week travel mark. I've also already bought my bridesmaid dress and it doesn't look like it could be altered for even a 10 week (3rd pregnancy) belly.

I guess most of this fever has to do w/ Nathan turning one and no longer being a baby as well as a bunch of my friends having babies or TTC.

Overall I know when the time is right, it will be right. I'm not sure I really even want two kiddos less than two years apart, but when you get the fever it's sure hard to shake!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Still happy..

..with our car! Thankfully, I have no buyers remorse a week later. Let's hope it stays that way. I feel like a real grown-up momma driving it around. A feeling that I have to say I LOVE.

In other "mommy" activities, I'm attempting to get us going on a real budget. For the first time ever. I don't know if it'll work, I tend to freak out before we even get started and never do it. This time though, I've bought a little accordion envelope and am hoping to go to a cash only system (minus our bills).

I have cash categories for : Groceries, Me, Caleb, Nathan, the Vet, Gas, Car Repairs, Fun & Misc.

HOPEFULLY this will work. We really need to get on a budget. It would help us out so much. Sadly I've never been very good with money so it feels like an impossible task.

Wish us luck!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our new addition

Caleb and I bought a new car this week. Well, new to us. It was a very tough decision because we had to clean out our savings to do it. In the end we chose to do it because our VW Golf was waging war on us. It has been acting up for a while now, but then on Saturday the AC went out and on Monday it started overheating. Since it was going to cost a ton to get the AC fixed we ended up spending the money on a newer car...hoping it will be more reliable.

To tell you the truth I can't say I was happy about either choice. Keeping the VW one more day without AC and knowing that I needed it for class and work wasn't a great option, but spending almost everything you have on an investment that will depreciate the moment you drive it off the lot isn't too great either. I feel very exposed financially right now. It's a scary thought knowing you don't have anything to fall back on if something happens. Not that we had a lot saved up anyway, but still...even a little was a comfort.

I am just having to trust that God lead us to make the right decision as well as wonder if we'll ever have a good savings, a house and real financial security.


Sometimes I feel so inadequate as a mom. I can't explain why, Nathan is growing happy and healthy but I just have this deep feeling sometimes that I can't do this, that I'm not good enough. I assume this is just human nature? It's so strange.

I feel like I will inevitably fail him as a mom. Any other mom's feel this way sometimes?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Water Troubles

So we got home on Tuesday to find our whole building had the water shut off. Apparently it has been off since Saturday due to a sewage line break that they're still trying to fix.

Finally, today they're going to put us in a hotel. That's all well and good I guess, it's just so frustrating!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I am alive...really I am.

This won't be an incredibly long post because I'd like to add a lot of pictures from our trip for you as well. If you're on facebook they can already be seen there, but I thought I'd post some here too.

We've been gone for about two weeks now, we got to come down to Oklahoma to spend time with both sides of the family. My family always goes to Lake Tenkiller in the summer, ever since my dad was a kid so it's tradition and I've personally only missed out on it twice. Once due to lack of funds and then because I was 35 weeks pregnant.

This year it was wonderful to get to go and take Nathan. I loved getting to take him to the lake and I know he'll enjoy it more and more as he gets older.

After the lake we headed back to Caleb's parents for a few more days before heading home. We actually stopped in Branson with them for a day and a half and now are getting ready to head back to Chicago. I'm glad to get back so I can stop living out of a suit case but otherwise, I wish we didn't have to head back yet.

Alright, I said pictures. Here are a few:

My sweet boy!

Proof that Oklahoma is BEAUTIFUL!

With my brother & cousin

With Grandma Cathy

Hi Momma!

Hanging w/ Uncle Jon

The French Family's traditional "driving the boat" picture

With Grandpa Scott

Celebrating his 1st birthday a little early w/ family

With Grandma & Grandpa

The "old" folks ;0)

With Great Grandpa Neighbors

With Grandma Belinda

Friday, June 25, 2010

Family, birthdays and bbqs!

It has been a wonderful couple of weeks. My mom and siblings came into town last week and this week we had Caleb's parents in town. Both visits were laid back and relaxing, we slept in, ate good food, went for walks with Nathan and just had a great time with family.

I just wrapped up one of my final classes and now only have two more grad. classes to go before my student teaching! I start one on July 7th and then the last one is during fall semester. I do have two online education classes still, I'm working on one now and the other will be in the fall but I can't believe how close I am to being done! I can't wait!

Nathan, amazingly enough, is TEN MONTHS old today. I still can't believe it...I know I've said that every time I've mentioned how old he is in my past posts, but it's true. Time goes by way too fast. I've already got everything we need for his birthday. We're going to have a small family party at the lake in Oklahoma next month and then a slightly larger party at the end of August right around his actual birthday.

Speaking of birthdays, I turned 25 last week. I'm still in a bit of denial over it. Not that it's old, but I'm definitely an adult now, there is no question about that. Despite the fact that I have really stepped into an adult life in the last five years, it's still a weird concept.

Tonight we have a cook-out at some friends of ours house. Some of the young couples in church formed a small group and we try to meet every month. Usually we get a babysitter for all of the kiddos, but we're doing a family thing this month. It should be a lot of fun.

Hopefully I'll be able to update again soon. Perhaps with a few new pictures?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day to all of the wonderful daddies out there!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

As promised...

A post! Yes, I have been home for four days now and am just getting around to posting, but I have been basking in all that is stay-at-home mommy and have thankfully found little time on the computer. I was actually excited to take Nathan to the grocery store with me on Saturday, something I'm sure a lot of mommies think I'm nuts for, but I never get to do it! I'm usually going after work and don't get to bring him with me. I bought a shopping cart cover in April that I just got to use this weekend! Anyway, I'm enjoying the little things.

Over the last four days my little man has hit three milestones...he is now waving, clapping and pulling up on his own. Amazing what they can do in a small amount of time. It's also amazing how quickly they go from baby to toddler. I have to say I'm not looking forward to this part of parenting...the whole "leaving the nest" mentality is hard. Sure, we get them for a lot longer than any other species but it still hurts just thinking about it. After Nathan started doing all of these "big-boy" things this weekend it just seems so real. In two months my baby will be a one year old! Excuse me while I go cry...

Speaking of birthdays, I turn twenty-five on Friday. I'm sure my own mother is wondering how I went from a tiny little baby to a twenty-five year old so quickly. This is a hard birthday, when you're in your early twenties you're still very much a "young adult" but once you hit twenty-five you can't really claim that anymore. You're an adult, pure and simple. I keep wondering when this happened...when and how did I get to be a real live adult? Wasn't I in high school not that long ago? The years just get quicker and quicker.

I also want to use this post to thank my amazing husband. I think the poor guy has taken a seat on the back burner completely unintentionally and I'm so sorry! With my classes, work and Nathan I have had precious little time to spend with Caleb. Usually it's only an hour, maybe two after Nate has gone to bed. However since his bedtime is 8pm, and I am exhausted by 10...well, you can see that there leaves little time for Caleb and I. I hope he knows how much and love and appreciate him and I couldn't do all I do without him (and God of course)!

Well, My mom and siblings are in town and tomorrow we're going to lunch and a museum since it's supposed to rain all day. I had planned to hit the botanical gardens but the weather has caused us to re-think that idea. I've made it all the way to 11 this evening, but then again, I'm not working! Good night!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Update, update, update!

Wow, I've fallen behind on everything. Not only have my blog posts been neglected, but so have the blogs I read. I haven't been logging into Google Reader lately. What's going on with me? ;-)

Well hopefully once school gets out (less than a week away!!) I'll be able to keep up with every one's posts and occasionally post my own. I hope I'm not spending too much time online since my goal this summer is to be a stay-at-home mama and take Nathan on walks, go to the park and the beach as well as set up play dates with our friend Ashleigh...but I'm sure I'll have a little down time to update.

Something that has been on my mind the last few days is the prospect of us moving back to Oklahoma next year. Caleb and I were talking about it and we haven't made a decision or anything...a lot of it depends on my job outlook next spring (I graduate in December and have student teaching in Jan./Feb.) but after our last trip to Oklahoma over this past weekend, I am so ready to get back there!

I am glad we moved to Chicago and got to experience  it but I'm ready to have a yard where Nathan can play, I'm ready to drive normally again, I'm ready to not have to wonder how many people got shot (and where) every week. I'm just ready for the pace of Oklahoma life again. I am also ready to be near family. Of course my family is in Denver but I know my parents aren't necessarily going to be staying in Denver once they retire and that combined with the cost of living makes Oklahoma the winner.

I don't know, I really want to move asap but I know God may have other plans for us. I'll just continue to dream about it, knowing that a year will be through before I know it and perhaps this time next year I'll be finishing up my final year at Niles West and on our way to beautiful Oklahoma!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Wow I've been MIA for a while now. I will update soon, we're almost done w/ work for the summer (we get out June 9th) so hopefully I'll find a bit more time then!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of the WONDERFUL Mothers in my life

Thank you for being such great role models during my journey through motherhood

It's been amazing so far!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

First trip to the ER

Well my lazy Saturday was abruptly brought to an end by my amazing ability to be a huge klutz and thanks to that, my poor son had to suffer.

Caleb was getting ready for work and I decided to go change Nathan's diaper and then head to the bathroom myself. I almost put him in his crib with a few toys while I headed that direction but decided instead to put him in his jumper in the living room.

Well, on my way out to the living room my left foot stepped on the back of my right slipper causing me to trip forward....smashing Nathan's head into the CORNER of the wall. Our hallway has this little section that juts out and of course I was walking close enough to that side of the hall when it happened that I managed to scar my child.

He immediately started screaming but I couldn't see because our apartment has horrible lighting so I headed into the bathroom where Caleb was getting ready. I looked where I thought he hit and didn't see anything so I thought perhaps he was more scared than hurt. Haha. That was until I looked at his forehead just a few inches above his eye (God help me, if he had hit his eye it would have been so much worse) and saw a huge welt.

It looked horrible. I immediately started crying because he's bonked his head before, but nothing like this. Caleb calmed him down and I got dressed and called the pediatrician. They couldn't get us in for another 2 hours though and just looking at it I knew we needed to take him in right away.

So, off to the ER we went. I dropped Caleb at work (he offered to come with me but I told him to go on since we're going out of town a lot this month and we need the money) and headed up to the hospital.

Thankfully it wasn't crowded at all and let me just say that I love Evanston Hospital. I've had good experiences every time I go but I'd never been to the ER before so that is kind of the ultimate test of how a place is run. Everyone there was very very nice and the waiting area was very comfy. We were actually in and out within an hour and a half. I couldn't believe how quick it was.

Of course Nathan is fine, he seemed fine even when we left the house. It just looked so bad since he hit the corner of the wall that I didn't feel right just hanging out until the doctor's appointment. What if something was really wrong and time was of the essence?

Anyway, he blew the doctors and nurses away with how happy he is (as usual .. ahh I love my baby) and we're supposed check back in next week. It'll be more like next Monday since we'll be in Colorado until Sunday evening but that should be okay.

Adventure I guess...the world can't just let me have a relaxing Saturday at home. If it isn't the ER it's fifteen page papers or car wrecks. Gotta love it. Ha..right!

Right now he's snoozing (the doctor okayed it) while I enjoy our new laptop. Classes start on Tuesday and we decided with all of the traveling we'll be doing this summer, I am going to need a laptop to keep up with classes while we're gone.

Well, that's my most recent news. I'm sure there will be many more trips to the doctor or ER in our future, especially if we have any more boys. I know women are prone to feeling guilty over things like this, but geez...I just smashed my son's head into the corner of a wall. OF COURSE I feel like it was my fault because it was! So irritated at myself. Don't worry too much though, I'll get over it.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

quick post

Just a quick post before I head to bed :0)

Spring classes are over with and summer classes start next week. I'll be missing the second day of class (next Thursday) for my sister's graduation from Colorado State. I'm so excited to see everyone next week! Can't wait to get there. I just wish it was a longer trip.

Alright, I'm very tired...I'm off!


Friday, April 30, 2010

hello again!

It's been so long! Yet again I've let time slip away from me. I have been pretty swamped however (read the last post if you don't believe me) so you can't blame me too much.

I still have one paper left to write before my spring semester is over. However, that doesn't mean much since summer session starts the following week.

Today Nathan started to crawl! It's still an army crawl, but today was the first day he was able to move forward quite a bit. I still can't believe how proud I am of we have just a normal stage in development but I feel like my child has done something absolutely astounding. Amazing what being a parent does to you.

Other than that there isn't anything new going on. In two weeks we're flying to Colorado for my sister's college graduation. We're also going to go look at wedding dresses for her wedding which will be in May 2011. I'm sure it will be here before I know it!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The last day

Today is my last day of class for my weekend class. Three weekends consisting of Saturday and Sunday -- all day. It really has been a fabulous class, all about Library 2.0 and Social Networking. I have become heavily involved with Twitter because of it. Still trying to determine if that's a good or bad thing.

I have to admit I'm starting to feel the affects of my full-tilt run toward graduation. I'm exhausted. Especially this month. I have so much due and a lot of it are things that I just can't seem to sit down and focus on. I have a 12 page paper due in a week and a half and only have a paragraph written. I can't even work on it tonight because I have another assignment for my Exceptional Child class due on Tuesday. I can complete it Tuesday after I get off work, but I don't want to have to worry about the whole thing then. I'm definitely going to need to start it this evening.

On top of that though, we need to hit Sam's Club and the grocery store...not to mention that I need to find time to spend with my awesome husband and amazing little boy. I don't want to leave them in the dust with all of this. Poor Caleb is feeling the worst of it since my schedule is pretty much: Work, Homework, Spend time with Nathan, Homework, Bed. Our shows are way backed up on the DVR, we still haven't used our Christmas present gift cards for a night out (dinner and a movie).

I can't wait until work is out so I have one less thing to do. It is just going to get worse before it gets better of course. Once this semester is over I start summer classes before work is out. Summer classes are two nights a week for a month and instead of only being home late on Mondays, I'll be home late on Tuesday and Thursday night. Joy. But at least it'll be over quickly and if I can get this done now I will be on schedule to graduate in December and do my student teaching next Spring.

Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel is what is really keeping me going here. That and when I talk to my workaholic friend Cathy, and see how much more stressful her life in Pharmacy School is...I realize it's not so bad!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Called To Peru


Next week we will be celebrating Easter, in recognition of the Grace afforded to us all. We are so excited to do this for the first time in another culture and country. So, as a result of our excitement we wanted to do something fun! Hence the first “Called to Peru Easter Giveaway.”
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Shaun and Amanda Wissmann

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Break

It's my spring break right now. We aren't doing anything special this week. Caleb's sister is coming in from Tulsa on Thursday to spend Easter with us, but other than that we're just lazing around the house!

Sunday night Nathan had his first fever so I had to reschedule some observation plans I had (I have to observe other school libraries for my teaching certification) so I could be home with him. Poor baby was pretty miserable yesterday morning. Today he's a little better...seems to have a low fever right now but nothing that is making him upset. His little cough is the worst though, I really wish there was some medicine I could give him for it.

I am observing tomorrow all day, that should be interesting. It's not really something I want to do on my spring break but I don't have much choice. I have no other time to get this done. I have 25 of 100 hours simply because I work in a school library. I'll be getting about 6 more hours tomorrow which I guess is progress but man, 75 more hours!? Crazy. I'm going to try to get most of it done this summer - we'll see how it goes.

Yesterday I was very lazy...only did the dishes and swept/mopped a small portion of the kitchen. Nathan is napping right now so I'm hoping I can get the cat boxes and guest bathroom cleaned. Our building had a horrible clog in one of the main sewage pipes. Causing sewage to back up in the laundry room as well as our guest bathroom's tub and toilet. It took FOREVER to get people in to fix...our maintenance guy is a joke (he must be family though because any normal company would have fired him by now) so I have to go through email with the secretary who is awesome and really helpful, but it still takes a while. Anyway, it's finally fixed but I still have to clean up the mess it left. Lots of bleach will be used today.

Caleb is on his way to IKEA to get our new mattress today. We have been needing one for a while but it wasn't until we flipped our mattress a few months ago and realized it smelled like mildew that we decided it couldn't wait any longer. So we waited for our tax return and did some shopping around and decide IKEA was the way to go. We want a memory foam but don't want to pay the $1300 that a Tempur Pedic would cost. At IKEA we can get a queen memory foam  w/ latex for $400 and it has a good warranty too! I wanted to go with but it would have been really cramped in the car and I have a lot to do around here today that I know wouldn't get done if I went.

Alright, time to get started. I have a lot of homework time to waste!~

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Snow, Naptime and Graduation...

Well look at that, another post within a week! I'm getting there :0)

Much of the same around here. Today it's snowing again after two weeks of good spring weather. Hopefully it wont last and honestly, I can't really complain that much since Colorado and Oklahoma are getting hit a lot harder.

Nathan is snoozing (finally) and I'm thinking about getting started on some homework. Nothing that's due for a few weeks but I figure I might as well. I also have a lot of reading that I need to do, that's actually for Monday so I had probably better get cracking on that.

In Nathan's world, he'll be 7mos next Thursday. Every month I wonder where the time went. He's sitting up very well by himself now and is just starting to get up on his knees. I think it'll be a bit before he crawls though. Hmm I probably mentioned all of that in my last post. I haven't read it since last week so I have no idea. Sorry about that.

Big stuff that's going on revolves around school and work. Nothing will really change until next year but I do need to make a decision soon regarding school. If I want to try to cram my observation hours into the next two semesters then I can do my student teaching next spring. Meaning, I'll be looking for a REAL teaching job this time next year. My other option is to extend it out another semester, do my student teaching in the Fall of 2011 and start looking for a job after that. Getting it done sooner would be preferable but also more stressful. I guess I'm just going to see how many hours I can get from now until September and if I can conceivably finish the hours over the fall semester I will. Otherwise I'll extend it out.

Caleb has also just found out his uncles are interested in having him work for them when we move back to Oklahoma. He's still deciding what he wants to do, but it would be a great opportunity. It's really going to depend a lot on my degree though and when I get it, etc. etc. etc. But - the future is looking bright and we can only thank God for that!

Friday, March 12, 2010

told you i'd be back...

I've been on Twitter a lot lately. A lot more than anything else actually. I've even been neglecting my Facebook status in favor of Twitter. You can all thank my Libraries 2.0 class for my new found obsession. Before this class I thought Twitter was pointless, now it is my text messaging, blogging and news source. It helps that I'm able to update from my phone, well I don't know that "helps" is the right word. Maybe, "fuels the obsession" is a better term for it.

Caleb's parents were in town for a few days this week. They got in really late Monday night after Nathan and I were asleep and because I had to work all week I only got to see them in the evenings. It didn't feel like I got to see them all that much so it seems weird that they're gone already. They left around 2 this afternoon. We wont see them again until May, but Caleb's sister is coming up for Easter.

The weather here is fabulous. The trees are already budding and this past Wednesday it was in the sixties! SPRING SPRING SPRING! It's also always about this time that I get nostalgic for high school. I work in a high school and usually don't miss being a high school student until spring starts rolling around and the seniors start getting excited for graduation. It just reminds me of my senior year and all the uneasy excitement in preparation for going off to college. It really makes me miss my old friends and the theatre crowd. I can't believe I've been out of high school for six years already. Where does the time go?

Speaking of time flying, Nathan is SIX AND A HALF MONTHS OLD!?!?!?! What!? He's sitting up on his own, eating solids like a pro and is even starting to maneuver into the crawling position every once in a while. I think it'll still be some time before he actually crawls (which I'm totally cool with...we still need to baby proof around here) but it's a new development and it's so neat to see him learn new things! His eating habits in the last month have really changed things around here, he's hardly drinking milk at all during the day anymore and I've actually cut down a pumping session at work. Hard to believe that in six months I wont be dealing with nursing at all anymore. Makes me kind of sad actually. I know it'll be nice to have my freedom back, but it'll be the official end to his babyhood -- why can't they be little for just a little longer? Why is it only one short short year? Boo.

Well, it's way past my bedtime. Perhaps if I find the time and am feeling exceptionally wordy, I'll update again tomorrow. Wouldn't that be something? Two posts in less than twenty-four hours!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


One day I will day. Still here, still doing well. Just very busy. Check back this weekend.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


What's going on today? Well, after I worked in the nursery at church we stopped by Target where I picked up a Swiffer WetJet and a few other little things I've been wanting to buy for a while but haven't wanted to spend the money. Oh what that tax return does to you. Our goal this year is not to spend it all frivolously however. We will be saving most of it. Finally.

So far this afternoon I've mopped my whole house minus our bedroom. That, I need to sweep with an actual broom...then mop. What an exciting Sunday. Don't you wish you were here? =)

The rest of my day will be spent with my sweet little boy and the books I need to read for tomorrow while Caleb watches old MASH reruns. I have so much due this Friday...we'll see if I get it done. I'll let you know.

Choppy, uneventful...but such is life.