Sunday, May 1, 2011

Months later...

Well that's the longest I've gone without posting in a while.

Right now we're still living with Caleb's parents. My certification process has been going as planned. I took my tests, passed and then had my interview. I have been recommended for certification and am now just waiting for the state board meeting for official approval.

I'm excited to get started as an official librarian, it is still pretty surreal that I even have my master's.

As for Nathan, he is an absolute joy. He is 20 months old now and is just that happiest, giggly little kid I've ever seen. Of course, he does have his moments...he is almost two after all, but most of the time he's happy and gets comments on how good he is.

His talking is just starting to emerge. While he's been saying words off and on since he was a year old, he hasn't really "talked" like a lot of kids his age. I would say he's a late talker but that it is starting to really pick up lately. What he says is sometimes difficult to understand however, and at times only momma and daddy know that "ah-ca!" is "bad cat!".

He loves to read books and has a few favorite shows. The Backyardigans, Thomas and most recently, (as in today) he has decided he really likes Dragon Tales.

Easter was a treat. Nathan did really well dying eggs (no major mishaps involving the dye) and caught on really quickly with the whole "egg hunt". He had a blast and is still carting his plastic eggs and basket around the house.

Next month he's going to be in my sister's wedding in Colorado. I'm very excited for the whole thing. It's over Memorial Day weekend and we'll be taking off work for a few days so we can drive out there. Hopefully he'll do well during the actual ceremony, but even if he has a meltdown, he'll look very dapper while he does!

I'll try to get back into a routine of some sort when it comes to blogging. There is no real reason I stopped other than we're just in a different environment and Caleb and I are sharing the laptop since our desktop is packed away. I'm so ready to stop living out of boxes!

 I'll leave you with some recent pictures:

Getting read to dye Easter Eggs

Giving me a solemn look (that looks more mad than anything) while hunting
 for eggs on a rainy Easter morning.

Showing off his Easter best! (Momma did a bad job
 getting pictures of our Easter outfits)

Enjoying our trip to Stillwater to have lunch with Granna

With Momma & Daddy!

Showing off his artistic skills

Monday, February 7, 2011


We've been living in Oklahoma for over a month now. I was very ready to leave Chicago but I knew I would eventually start to miss it. That time as come. I don't regret moving because I know this was definitely the best thing for us, but I am missing it a little.

I'm still getting used to this being my home the moment Chicago still feels like home and I miss our couch, our apartment, etc. Since we're living with Caleb's parents we don't have a lot of our stuff  out so it still feels like we're visiting. It's a weird feeling.

Anyway, Nathan is absolutely amazing. He's is such a blast to be around...he's a total ham and loves everyone. We tried out a new church yesterday and he waltzed right into the new nursery and started playing. No problem. I think I'm completely spoiled with this kiddo...we'll see what happens with the next one! He's still not really talking a lot. He has some words that he says every now and then, but for the most part he doesn't use them. He knows everything we say to him though and tends to look at us like "I know it, but I'm not saying it" anytime we ask him to say a word. I have a feeling when he does start talking it'll be in complete sentences.

One new thing Nathan has been doing is dancing. He LOVES music and anytime he hears any he starts dancing. It just amazes us because he gets the rhythm down and everything. He's even started turning the cd player on by himself. I love it.

Caleb is still searching for a job here in town. I'm hoping he'll find something soon, but the job market is tough. I'm so thankful for my banking experience because I don't think I would of had any luck finding much without it. My job is going well. It's about 20 miles away without traffic so the commute is the exact same as in Chicago. I like it alright, everyone is very nice and I'm enjoying just being a teller. Being a Teller Supervisor was WAY too stressful for me. I will be happy to get into a library again though!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I guess I just have to admit that I'll never be a good blogger. It's been such a crazy couple months, I haven't really had the energy to devote to blogging anyway.

Classes and work ended quickly. It was hard leaving my job for the last time, I really loved it there. Our move out of Chicago did not go nearly as smoothly as I had hoped.

We had wanted to be out by evening on Tuesday the 21st but didn't actually get out of the Chicagoland area until 5:30 on Wednesday the 22nd. It was about 4pm on Tuesday that we realized we were not going to be able to fit everything into the gigantic 26-foot truck we rented. At that point we had to make some decisions.

We ended up renting a small storage unit near our apartment (as well as a Uhaul van to get stuff there) so we could store what we couldn't fit in the truck. Caleb and his dad are going to head back up sometime in the next couple weeks to go get it all. How do we have all of this stuff? It just amazes me. We left a couch behind could have been even worse!

Finally we got to Bartlesville (at 5am on Thursday) and had a whirlwind of a Christmas. That Sunday we headed out to Colorado to spend a week with my family and just got back on Saturday night.

This week has been filled with job interviews for me. I was able to get three interviews this week so I was already feeling very blessed. I am quite aware of how difficult it is to get interviews in a normal economy, much less the one we're in at the moment.

My first bank interview went well and we'll see sometime next week what happens there. However, my official Library Media Specialist interview went amazing! The principal offered the job to me on the spot. It is for next school year, so I'm hoping to get one of the bank jobs in the mean time but I can't tell you how excited I am!

On the downside, it is in Oklahoma City which is about 2 to 3 hours away from Caleb's parents. Not an awful distance, but we were hoping to be closer. I am also a little wary of why no one else seems to have wanted this position. I don't know if it just has to do with the school being in a low income area or because it's in OKC Public Schools? I really don't know, but I can't pass up a job offer as a SLMS. It's a full time position, I don't have to travel and while it might not be absolutely ideal (I have no idea that it won't be, but if it isn't) yet I have to take it.

Caleb's cousin & wife live close by and it will be great being near them. I do plan on continuing my job search just to be safe as well as to take advantage of any positions that might be a little closer to the Tulsa area - but overall we're feeling incredibly blessed at the moment. I really feel moving back was the right decision.