Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Keeping Ourselves Accountable

I already need to apologize to those few of you who read this. If you follow me on Facebook, which I'm betting all of you do since I think my readership comes solely from my Facebook links, you'll have already read some of this information. However, it applies to our financial journey so it needs to find its way onto this blog as well.

Last Thursday was our last FPU class. I have to admit it was a little sad to finish it up. I highly enjoyed talking with the people in our class and since not all of them go to our church I'm not sure that I'll ever get that pleasure again.

Our leaders, Don and Lindy, asked if anyone was willing to co-teach the next class with them. When they asked the first time, Caleb and I both had an inner "hmmm" moment but didn't act upon it. Last Thursday though, we did.

We are now set to co-teach a 9 week FPU course starting in late January. No, we aren't very far into our journey ourselves, but we are hoping to keep on the right track. We also feel that not only will this help others, but it will hold us accountable, reminding us of Dave's Baby Steps and what it is we need to be doing.

It is a pretty big commitment because although this first class will be co-taught with our leaders, it also means we are committing to teaching a class on our own next year. As in, BY OURSELVES. Gulp. Yet I feel a peace about this. One that I rarely feel about things like this because I need to admit something to you:

I'm a homebody. Caleb and most of my friends could easily tell you this. I really don't enjoy doing things outside of the house very often. At least not things I've committed too because there is always some night where all I want to do is cozy up with my kids in my pjs and do absolutely nothing. I won't be able to that when teaching an FPU class. Unless of course I'm sick or one of the kiddos is sick, we'll have to be at every meeting. Since, you know, we're leading it.

I'm praying that God will use FPU and this experience as teachers to keep us in the mindset we need to be in. Changing your financial future is all about behavior and we've been in the right place before, just to fall back to the credit cheetah.

And since I am finding that having a blog with a particular focus is easier to keep up with, hopefully I'll have plenty to say about our journey as new FPU Coordinators. Hope you'll stick around to read about it!

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