Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2013: Getting Back Into It!

Just like blogging, Dave Ramsey's advice is easy to fall out of. I wouldn't say we've completely fallen off the path but we definitely haven't kept up the gazelle-like intensity.

We have kept our cash envelopes going for groceries and gas which I honestly feel is huge. We've managed to keep in budget on food and fuel during the Christmas season. I'm pretty proud of that actually.

Here's where we stand now:

-Caleb is still looking for work but has a very promising lead we're waiting to hear back from. Hopefully by this time tomorrow we'll know for sure.

- We've found a babysitter for the kids for 2 hrs a day if Caleb does get this job. I see God moving things here, so I really feel like the job will be a go because this childcare is more than financially doable and I'm so incredibly thankful.

- We have paid off our Lowe's Credit Card and are now down to the two "big" cards. Our taxes are not done yet (pending my school W2 and asking my dad for help with my independent contracting stuff) but as of now our tax return is looking pretty nice. I'm hoping we'll be able to pay off the smaller of our big cards plus a good chunk of the 9k card. I will be jumping for joy when that thing is paid off. And if this tax return is as good as I'm hoping, being out of credit card debt in 2013/2014 might be doable! THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL!

- Our Financial Peace class starts the second week of February. Those of you who missed it, we are volunteering to help teach the class with our leaders so that we can take some of the yearly burden off of them. If Caleb gets this job he won't be able to help ... it'll just be me so we'll see what happens there but I still really want to do it. I think it will help us with accountability and just be a constant reminder.


So that's how 2013 is looking now for us. We ended 2012 with a dip into the emergency fund thanks to our tires but we're close to making that up so we are on track. If Caleb gets this job we should be doing well! Still living like no one else, so one day we can live like no one else ... but making ends meet and actually being able to make a zero-based budget!

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